Updating transas navisailor

26-Jul-2016 02:44

It gives the navigator a complete picture of the instantaneous situation of the vessel and all charted dangers to navigation.

To use the ECDIS effectively it is also important for the navigating officer to know how to order the charts for the intended voyage and about means and methods available to keep them updated .

The method of procurement of electronic charts is different when compared to paper charts.

Unlike paper charts which are only purchased once, until a new edition is published or a chart is cancelled, electronic charts are purchased through a license system called “permits”.

The route from EDCIS can be exported and analyzed using Met Manager which is a weather monitoring software Map.

Also during passage planning the waypoints can be adjusted accordingly.

Step 2 – Automated routing selecting the departure and arrival ports via intended regions can assist navigating officer as he plans route for the voyage.

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The mandatory carriage of ECDIS has been implemented on almost all ships depending upon the type and gross tonnage of the vessel.

It is widely believed that ECDIS will be an essential aid for safe navigation.

Electronic charts are the new generation of navigational charts, with paper charts being relegated to the background. There are many areas of the world yet to be covered by vector charts and thus require raster charts to be used.

Permits are used to control the permission to use a chart. In this article I would like to elaborate procedures to order charts and to keep them updated onboard.

In the earlier days, paper charts had to be ordered and corrected to the latest week prior commencement of a voyage.

This is how the process in Chat Co Passage Manager looks like.